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His First Miracle

My mother has been a devout Catholic all her life, not just the going to church kind or the making her kids go to sunday school kind but the good works visiting the sick and elderly kind. So when I heard that a new pope was going to be announced I rushed to the nursing home to turn on the TV for her. I did so just before the announcement "habemus papam".  She was highly agitated, not unusual for that time of day, and seemed unable to focus even as the new Pope Francis came out to address the assembled physical and virtual masses. She glanced up as he started speaking then turned away. But after he gave his first blessing, she immediately quieted, and soon fell calmly to sleep. A miracle? possibly. A blessing? definitely.

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True miracles...

come dropping slow...a moment at a time...even the apparently instantaneous kind...


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was a moment.

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This is nice!  I like it when

This is nice!  I like it when you tell stories.  From the feed I can tell if it's just a word or a story.  Either way I end up clicking because I get it and I do understand :-)

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It's Possible

I'm getting the hang of this storytelling thing.