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Flipping the Omelet

Very few people who have eaten my cooking realize that I am an expert chef.  My topic today is flipping the omelet. Never flip an omelet from the center. Always flip from the side. If you are right-handed, flip from the left side. If you are left-handed, flip from the right.

Never flip from in to out, flip out to in if you must. Never flip from back to front or front to back. It just confuses the omelet, not to mention the cook.

These instructions apply to many areas of life, especially where butter is involved.


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I'm confused which way to

I'm confused which way to flip my life and my omelet.  I'm ambidextrous, so... which way do I flip my life and my omelet?  If you can post a "how to" video on your flipping skills, that would be a big help - to my life and my omelet :-)

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I'd Go with the Old

Flip, spin, catch approach. Which way you spin depends on which hemisphere you are in. Always go with Coriolis flow.

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I was not an intellectual

I was not an intellectual student growing up therefore had to look up what you meant by coriolis flow - like flushing the toilet!  Ok, I shall go with the flow :-)

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