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Confessions of a Sometime Writer

I don't write every day.

There, I said it.

I feel better now.

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I don't...

sing every day, but
I talk.
dance every day, but
I walk.
hold a pen/pencil/crayon or... every day, but
I still write.-daw

Now I said that!

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For Me

Every day becomes everyday.

But that's me, now.

Tomorrow, every day may become next year.

Then I'll be more confused than this metaphor. 


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For You

Written words spoken

A melody, fingers danced

Enlighten everyday-daw

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No writing today. Oh wait...

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Yes, you understood, today was the day writing began.

Now, reveal what is on the page.  By being still and attentive

it will become a body of work, always perfect in its own write.