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back to school

Back to school, the thought horrifies me.

Never will i go back.

No! you're wrong i enjoyed my school days!

I had good teachers, i remember them all ... trying to understand what they were trying to teach me... not learn off- by- heart.

Except poems (simple ones with a natural rhythm).

I enjoyed writing essays. Once i got a ten page essay as punishment ... ( on the inside of a pingpong ball) I had a field day and wrote 27 pages ... Mr Tomes (the teacher was not impressed).

I managed to do twelve years with only six of the best once.

 I got six cuts for practising with a rugby ball on a Sunday on the school field. I do not believe in corporal punishment. I believe that any student if asked to do something of interest to them will do their best if trusted.

Today violence is the norm. Respect does not exist!

 Funnily ... I enjoy teaching ... i have taught from 3year olds to 94year olds. The last 3 years practical on the job training of 18 to 23 year olds most of which come to work for the weekly pay so they can get drunk on the weekend ... They do not see a future for themselves.

So I say no i would not go back to school as a student ... i would spend as much time as i could reading and talking to people and educate myself as i am sure that most children if shown how to educate themselves could do a better job than our education system is doing and has done over the last twenty years.

I would join a club to play a sport.

I would when i became 14 work as a "busboy" and then a waiter to learn how to handle money and to hone my people skills. 

Mutual respect and students willing, wanting to learn as they perceive some benifit in doing so ... even if it only means to communicate with someone.     

To be of service to my fellow humans to earn my way. Schools as they are operating now are not delivering at all.