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Wednesday is always a strange day.  It sits half way through the week and makes you feel positive that you're halfway there to the weekend but then you know Thursday will really grind and Friday is such a drag.  Today was particularly a good day.  Okay I'm still fighting off whatever bug it was that had me laid up over Christmas and New Year but along with some other resolutions and ideas I'm trying to complete my projects this January and so have taken time off from me usual day to day activities as of tomorrow.  So for me the weekend has arrived early. 

 Writing wise things are not really progressing however I do now do something which I find helpful.  For many years authors have said it is important to keep a notebook to hand.  For most of that time I never did and ideas would come and go and too often be forgotten.  Of course there are those that would say that it can't have been a great idea if you forget it.  Now though I do keep a notebook close to hand, just a small A6 (recycled paper) notebook.  I can carry it in my jacket pocket and happily forget all about it until I have that one idea that niggles at me until I write it down.  

I am one of those people who has a lot of ideas, most of which I dismiss as flights of fancy, ridiculous or lacking originality.  That is something which I know publishers have said of my work in the past.  It still hurts as does all rejection but years on I am so glad that most of my work never made it to print.  There are things that happened last year that are still too fresh to feel positive about but that will hopefully change in time.  

I digress.  The joy of jotting down ideas is that often they come to nothing but sometimes a single sentence is enough to spark a whole range of work.  Now I know that so far I've only made a few blog entries and not really done much with my profile but for me this is a good start.  It allows me somewhere to write on a regular basis, knowing that it is not hidden away where no one can ever read it.  In time I hope that I will be able to publish more and take part more, and ultimately it would be great to start talking to other writers about our craft, about their experiences and perhaps even one day someone out there will find one sentence jotted down in a notebook that might make all the difference.


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i hear you

I hear you about wednesdays. There's something strange about them, although for me, the saying "what can go wrong, will go wrong" really always fits.

Where the writing is concerned, I myself used to write in a notepad every so often, but things happened, as they sometimes do, and a writers bloc set in, after which i was too distracted to track my thoughts down and jot them on paper or the computer. i even started writing in my cellphone. saving it as unsent messages or drafts. hahaha!

Now, years have passed and I've gotten more courage, maybe some wisdom along with it, and re-started the writing process. I havent done this sort of public writing before, but i feel i should put myself out there a little more. 

lets see how that goes.

Good luck to you too. I guess its one step at a time that eventually leads us to where ever the journey ends