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The power of (the wrong) words

It has become ever more apparent that sometimes no matter what we say it will be the wrong thing.  Perhaps the few words we write are too few, maybe they are too much but ultimately a few little letters strung together into the most rudimentary of sentences can end in a whole lot of trouble.

Many famous authors have found this out for themselves without my tiny and completely underwhelming observation.  In fact some authors have faced persecution and death for their writings.  For most of us the situation tends to be less extreme (I hope).

For some of us there are a couple of words that can act as a get out of jail free card but what happens when we can't mend things.  What happens when the words we've written can't be retracted, when an apology won't suffice?  It isn't only our personal lives that can suffer from words, but work lives (given the recent firing of one person for their blog entry), and also our governed lives.  How often does that nasty three letter word (tax) give us chills and then cost us most of our hard earned income?  Now I could easily go into a rant about how taxing people so heavily in the credit crunch is the worst possible thing to do but I won't.

The simple truth of life is that we act and say things in haste.  Too often someone sends a letter, an email, a text, without thinking about the consequences of their actions.  Sometimes it comes down to the timing, a break up on Valentine's Day, or a big tax bill after an enormous repair bill, and ultimately it seems that it comes down to a rather dark part of our nature, perhaps our society.  I wish that I could say I believed we were all capable of rising above it, keeping a stiff upper lip and all that, but I'm afraid that society has degenerated to such a level that dog eat dog would be a positive step up.  Our words have for too long been ill chosen and aimed at the wrong people.  What I want is for all of us to find a way to utilise the most powerful of words; hope, truth and justice  and then take that message and act on it in this sick and diseased world.