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The snake ate my plot
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Texas Rat Snake

When I sit down to write, I am not terribly creative.  I write nonfiction and the facts are pretty much the way they are.  That said, there is the little matter of deciding what facts to use and writing them in an accessible manner.  That is the hard part.

Most of the really hard work on my blog takes place outside.  I take my camera and go photograph a plant, or an animal, and when I get back, my writing has unsnarled itself.  Everything goes on the page the way it is supposed to.

You are wondering about that snake, aren't you?  Well, I let the dogs out one morning and as we all surged out onto the porch, I realized that the porch rail looked funny.  I looked over and a large snake was lying on it sunning itself.  I ran for my camera and took several pictures before the snake decided I was invading his privacy and fled.

As a result of the snake's appearance, the ideas I was going to write about that day just went out the window.  I spent the morning writing about the snake and trying to look it up in the snake books I had.  It was a Texas rat snake and was about eight feet long.  They do grow that big, and are normally rather aggressive.  Fortunately, I think he had just come out of hibernation and was trying to warm up and wake up.  We accomplished that, all right!

The nice thing about using the outdoors as inspiration is that it changes all the time.  No two days are alike and no two areas are alike.  So if something doesn't work at one location, I can just move.  Sometimes just a few feet makes a big difference in perception.

Today it is clear, with blue skies and just a bit of a chill.   Tomorrow may be cold and rainy.  I know I can use both to find that place in myself from which the words flow.  Where do you like to write?


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Where to write

Hi Stephanie. Well, first of all, I'm glad that snake wasn't on MY porch. Ewww. I like to be outside writing too. We have a large live oak in our back yard and in the summer, it is about 10 degrees cooler when you sit under it. I like to have my laptop out there and write. If I could, I would go to the mountains (my first love) and just let the words flow.