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This week, we were supposed to blog about a major loss we had suffered.  Well, I am not quite prepared to bare my soul to that extent.  It did get me thinking, however, about other losses.  For example, I have had dogs since I was four years old.  The first thing I did when I got my own place was let them come inside.  I haven't been to the bathroom alone since.

Every dog I have had is convinced that even though the bathroom has only one door, that if they do not tag along to supervise I will somehow escape and they will never see me again.  I can just hear them say to one another,

"Watch her or she will disappear.  Then how will we open the dog food?"

Since my dog had puppies about eight weeks ago, I am now accompanied by as many as seven dogs.  I have a fear that they will start holding up score cards soon.  I can almost hear them discussing the performance now.

"Well, that was only a 7.5 in my opinion.  What do you think, Blackie?"

"I am inclined to be more generous, there, Star, and award an 8.  After all, she hasn't been eating cow pies, so doesn't have much to work with."

Visitors to the house are usually a little nonplussed by the intense scrutiny.  My Dad demands,

"Call your dog!"

My girlfriend asks if the dogs watch me as closely.  When I assured her they did, my girlfriend declared it was creepy to have an audience.  

Oh well, at least I know where the dogs are when I am otherwise occupied.


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Too Funny!

Actually, once you've got them in there with you it's a great place to do some dog training. You're not the only captive audience - so are they. ;-)