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How to use social media to make your blog work harder

Writers today have many competing demands on their time.  On the one hand, writers want to work on their books, articles, and other works.  On the other hand, writers are expected to have a broad platform before they are published.  That takes time away from writing.

There are ways to lessen the amount of time one must spend on building such a platform.  One of them is to use the RSS feed from your blog to send copies of it to several popular social media sites.  There is disagreement over what RSS originally stood for, but most people use something similar to Really Simple Syndication.

If you are a published author, you may request an author page from Goodreads.com and Amazon.com.  There is a place on the page to send your blog there.  Anyone, published or not, may put their blog on Kindle.  Using a program called Twitterfeed, it is possible to send teasers from blog posts to Facebook and Twitter. 

That makes six places one blog post can appear, and there are undoubtedly others available.  Each of those six places will have some people that are unique to that location.  Of course, there will also be some overlap, but that does not seem to pose a problem in this instance.

So far, so good, but how do you actually do this?  While the instructions on each site are fairly clear to a technogeek, they may seem like Greek to anyone else.  After helping my Mother and several of her friends figure out how to do this, I have written a pamphlet with clear instructions even a non-technical person can follow.  How to Use Social Media to Make Your Blog Work Harder is available for $0.99 from Amazon.com.  This is a Kindle pamphlet, so you will need a Kindle or the free Kindle download for your PC to read it.

Hiring a person to do all the things in the pamphlet would cost between $50 and $100, so $0.99 is a bargain.  Even better, if you get stuck, my email is in the pamphlet.  While I will not undertake any major programming gratis, I will help with minor troubleshooting.  Of course, if you would rather not do this yourself, I can do it for you for a fee.  In any case, once this is set up, it pretty much runs itself.  You need only check the comments at the respective places before returning to your work in progress.

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Great Booklet!

Thanks so much for writing this booklet! I got a copy of it (downloaded to kindle on my laptop because I don't have a reader) and it's really wonderful. Very easy to read and very helpful!


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