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While most of my career is evidenced in the plastic arts, namely paintings and sculpture, I've always been a passionate reader and very curious about the world. My projects just give me an excuse to learn, about all sorts of things. I started in publishing and advertising, using visuals to enhance words. Over the years I've done copious amount of research and now the projects are demanding that I pay attention to words, to enhance my visuals. Additionally, I've traveled as much as possible, starting in 1972 with a crazy hitchhiking trip in Europe, back in the very short period when women were really free, after birth control and before social disease and violence. I kept sketch books then, with lots of notes and observations. After a 20 year hiatus working really hard and raising children, I started traveling again in 1991. I'm really interested in the concept of Psychogeography and started a blog.  Some of the posts, like the trip to the Golden Corral, are mixed in with my other blogs. 

I've been working on several book concepts for several years. OK, many years. The first started with a how to draw book, showing by example and using few words. The second is a Jack London concept. The third is a graphic novel on the miraculous migration of the Monarch butterfly. The fourth is a pictorial memoir of my career as a public artist and the characteristics that I've developed to maintain a life earning my living solely as an artist, using my projects as examples and stories, some long, some short. The most recent is a joint venture with food writer, Elaine Corn, based on her series for NPR on very unique restaurants on one street in Sacramento, CA.  http://www.capradio.org/news/special.aspx?keyword=broadwayfood

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Hi Stephanie, I only

Hi Stephanie, I only recently came across the word, "Psychogeography" from my book-a-day calendar. I didn't have time to actually sit with the book before returning it to the library. The concept as I imagine it sounds very interesting and now you've raised my curiosity, so I may have to check that book out again.

The first how to draw book you describe sounds great. I love your sketch of the two people holding their umbrellas. I would love to be able to quickly sketch what I see in my notebooks.

I got a lot of creative inspiration from your blog. Thanks.