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Oddly Still

Oddly still. That's how life feels at this moment. I have a sensation continually running through me that I am on the verge of something new, exciting, and big. It feels like it is just around the corner, and I keep walking and turning corners, but it is not there yet. I feel like I need to search for the answer to the prize that awaits, but a knowing inside suggests that the knowledge will come at the most perfect moment. I am torn between wanting to know and relishing in the moments of uncertainty that somehow bring a smile to my face. I keep thinking there is more I need to do because I am a doer afterall. Yet, just being and listening to all the sounds around me, focusing on the present and smiling all seem to be the best path to the destination. I feel a bit like I am walking through a forest with some dead trees withering away and fresh, new pine trees are sprouting. I smell the air getting cleaner and cleaner. I feel my breath fuller in my belly, and I taste pleasure on my tongue. As a girl from Kansas, I hear, "Follow the yellow brick road." My Oz is truly something special. I just know it. Until I get there, I will bask in stillness.

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Enjoy The Pregnancy

this piece resonates with me strongly. I've had those same moments (days, weeks). They used to freak me out somewhat, but I learned to savor them, let the flow flow, then go with it. Usually something really good results. I think we both know it's worth the wait.

I'm also a sucker for almost anything with a solid OZ reference, and yours, here, is no slouch.

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