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School again....

Today I started getting ready for school starting again. That moment when suddenly summer seems to be slipping away, rapidly and we clutch to warm moments, and the smell of barbecue and secret sauces. I'm heading back to a job, at least, lucky for that, grateful that the slashes in and budget cuts didn't make me yet another causuality of our crumbling educational system.

 College and career advisors have their work cut out for them this year. I've been attending the slashing meetings, looking up the entry requirement changes, making note of the tutition increases and basically, wondering how to make all of this fun, exciting, and well, palatable for the next batch of students I will be releasing out into the world. It won't be easy. 

Hope has taken on a new connotation for me.  Learning how to come from a mind set of abundance, when indeed, the coffers seem to be empty. Keeping that 'spirit up' and applying every resource in order to move onto higher education. We will have graduation again, and again and again. And my hope is, all of them, all of those young smiling faces, will continue to smile.

Yes, I'm going back to school again as a college and career advisor, with hope in my back pocket.