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Sacramento, CA
May 2008

As a news anchor for the CBS/CW TV stations in Sacramento, Stefanie Delta & Dawn's two-week journey in the Sacramento River. She was inspired to write "Delta & Dawn: Mother & Baby Whales' Journey" after she and her family went to the river to see the whales. It turns out, the same day, the whales started their journey back to the ocean. Stefanie and her family chased the whales down the river, and waited near Rio Vista all day, but Delta and Dawn didn't show up.

Stefanie has worked at TV stations around the country for more than a decade. Before coming home to Northern California, Stefanie worked in Hartford, Connecticut. She also worked for a TV station in the Quad Cities, where she met her husband. Stefanie got her start the small border town of Yuma, Arizona.

Stefanie lives in Sacramento with her husband and son.


Big Tomato Press, Sacramento, CA

Interests & Hobbies

I love to run, especially half marathons.