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Being different

As the French say, "Vive la differance."  It is a true statement.   Being different is what makes us unique from everyone else.

I know what it is to be different,  when all you want to be is invisible.  I guess I was different because I did not belong to any special class. 

In school you were either popular or not. The popular ones had perfect hair, expensive clothes, and much pride.  I struggled to maintain a balance of my difference, with non brand clothes, my long brown knotted hair and my shy mouse appearance.  The misery was kept hidden, calmly going insane silenty.  Holding every piece of me together as though I did not have any emotions.  Darkness followed me through the high school halls. The library a sactuary to escape the distant glares. Spending time to observe my diffference as an outsider, led me to believe I had alien characteristics.   Learning to live without the vanities of life and love the person inside.   No one can take away the difference which make one unique from the rest of the world.