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Shout Out to Spring Break

Whew. We made it. It's Spring Break!!!

No matter how old I get, I can't help but get excited when this glorious week rolls around.

I am spending the week in Charlottesville, Virginia, at my goddaughter's parent's house. I've got three school visits and a signing at the Virginia Festival of the Book. Two of the schools are visits at my goddaughter's school, as well as at my niece and nephew's school. I'm almost famous (giggle).

We're having fun already. My daughters are with me. My oldest was born in C-ville when I was working on my doctorate. She loves coming back here. So do I. And the younger one is always up for anything. We've been to all the old haunts - Bodo's Bagels, our old townhouse, downtown C-ville - with more to come; however, I'm taking a slight pause from blogging for this week. This is, after all, Spring Break. I'll be back next week with lots of cool photos of Charlottesville at its finest.

Until then!

Peace out world.