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Stacia M Fleegal's Books

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Stacia Fleegal just can’t stop creating serious noise in her poems.  She’s a writer who isn’t afraid to make words crackle and snap, especially about how social class works in America, starting at the bottom and going up.  So, fair to say, you should expect something other than the tame lyric in this collection. Poetry this political often makes people nervous and want to...
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"A Fling with the Ground reminds us of the etymological connection between the words 'desire' and 'consider,' for at the heart of both is 'sideris,' a star.  As the title of this collection suggests, these poems mark the fall from an imagined (or perhaps remembered) place, where it is possible for mind, body, and spirit to remain fused in ecstatic union with the Other, where '...
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"Stacia Fleegal makes a stunning debut with Anatomy of a Shape-Shifter. Her poems are fearless in their approaches and language, muscular in their music, savvy in their psychological observations, sexy and thoughtful at the same time. In her energetic sonnets and her own dazzling nonce forms the protean speaker changes shape as she follows the contours of growing...