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Apr 2010

I am a contributing author to paranormalchicks.com and the Paranormal Romance Reviewer at www.horrorview.com (yes, that's books, dark paranormal, send them books for me - I have a reading habit you need to support it). I am a trained clinical hypnotherapist (no, I can't make you cluck like a chicken unless you want to?), a 1st degree black belt (yes, I can your kick ass and will delight in doing so,if need be), a figure competitor (when I feel like dieting and killing myself - yeah NO, not right now it's painful), and spend way too much time with my nose in a book (any book). Live, Love, Learn....Keep Moving Forward (can you tell what Disney movie is popular in OUR house lately?)

I write paranormal romances with a very hypnotic style. I play doorman (woman) to three cats while the young one is off to school and the husband is all over the state for either the day job or a band. I can be bribed with Godiva Truffles.

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Muse - Breathe. Focus. Achieve.
An eBook, also available on Amazon Kindle, to help writers get over writer's block.

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Martial arts, reading, writing, sculpture, painting, sword fighting w/6 year old