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Choosing the best toys for our cats

Are you adopting a new cat? Or maybe you have a cat but you just want to find a few new toys for him to enjoy while you away at work all day. What should you choose? There are so many options!

Having cat toys in your home helps to keep your cat stimulated . Although it is true that cats sleep A LOT, they do like to play too- even when they are adults! So what toys should you choose?

Something as simple as a shoe box or a box from a package can be the greatest delight for your indoor cat….and another great part about this toy is that it’s free!

Many people like to play with ribbons (dangling them in the air for their cat to jump at and attack)- this can be a very enjoyable toy for your feline- however, be sure not to leave shoe strings and ribbons around the house when you are not present- as some cats have been known to eat the ribbon or shoe string and this can cause major problems internally.

Balls with bells inside of them are of great enjoyment to most cats, some cats prefer soft toy mice that they can carry around in their mouth. Laser light pointers can be a great source of enjoyment when used in moderation for your cat too. Just be sure that you’re not using the laser toy every night- as you do not want to send your cat into a frenzy- well, a bit of an addiction- where they think there is always a laser dot around somewhere. Maybe once a week or every other week would be good. Be sure not to shine the light in their eyes or your eyes.

If you have suggestions on additional cat toys- whether they are items found in the home or something to be purchased- leave a comment here and let us know what toys your cat enjoys!