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 It’s that time of year again- the weather is warm and the sun is shining! I received a call yesterday from a friend, telling me that her cats have fleas. She said one of her cats occasionally goes outdoors and that must have been how they picked them up. As she continued frantically telling...
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  “I do this because…plain and simple, the need. There are so many unwanted pets that if not for transport, they would be destroyed- when all they need is moved to organizations with resources to place them. I think that without all volunteers that there just would be a lot of good animals...
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"Please don't do this! Don't kill them- I will take them into our rescue- we have the donations to treat them for their health issues, to spay/neuter them, to vaccinate them, to heartworm and parvo test them....we have the volunteer power and the volunteer foster homes to give this canine family...
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Mother’s day is just around the bend and what a great way to honor your mother and grandmothers- by making a donation to Advocates 4 Animals Rescue to help save the lives of mother cats and their newborn kittens who currently sit on death row in local high-kill shelters. By donating just $1 you too...
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Are you adopting a new cat? Or maybe you have a cat but you just want to find a few new toys for him to enjoy while you away at work all day. What should you choose? There are so many options! Having cat toys in your home helps to keep your cat stimulated . Although it is true that cats sleep A LOT...
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If your pet has gone missing it is crucial that you take immediate action to find him/her in a timely manner. There are many dangers that exist for lost pets including traffic, ill-intentioned people and high-kill county pound employees. It is important that you take the following steps towards...
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What book are you currently reading? Have you stopped to wonder about what moved you to read this book? Was it the cover? Did a friend tell you about the book or did you see the author on a television show? What promotion grabbed your attention, convincing you to buy a book? For those of us...
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If you’re thinking about adopting a kitten or cat into your home- do you know how to properly transition them into your home? Do you know what to expect and how to prepare your home? If you have other pets, do you know how to introduce them? Do you know where to adopt and what questions to ask? Do...
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