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Your video blew me away,

Your video blew me away, Stacey. Hey, you're a deep thinker. But to be honest, your theory slipped past me. The idea began to suggest solipcism; I waited for the video's ending to recommend that we all blind ourselves like Democritus did to limit other distractions from the focus of our minds. (Ha! Tongue in cheek sometimes transmits poorly  through cyberspace.)

The profundity of your evolving theory should coax you to study more physics then some theoretical physics.

And as an absolute minimum, send a copy of your book and video to Stephen Hawking, who, as you know, his on the 21st-century-genius list below. (Also send him your Red Room photo---Ol' Stephen is reputed to have a soft spot in his heart for comely young ladies.) And try to meet him in person in the near future (he's no spring chicken), as well as as many of the geniuses on the 21st century list as you can. Hey! You might send your book and video  to all on the 21st century list as a marketing ploy, if nothing else.

Here are the list of your predecessors of reknown ( & imagine your name affixed at the very bottom):

Ancient Times

[edit] 15–16th century

[edit] 16–17th century

[edit] 17–18th century

[edit] 18–19th century

[edit] 19th century

[edit] 19–20th century

[edit] 20th century

[edit] 20–21st century

Hey, all I expect from you for this advice, is that you mention me and my novels from the podium when you receive your Nobel Prize. Hopefully, it'll help my  book sales posthumously.

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A response to comment written by Dennis Shay

Thankyou Dennis Shay for your comment. You have put alot of work into writing to me, I found it a very interesting how you presented your feelings about my work, and fully understand your reasoning from your creative perception. However I do realise something, that your response is from how you have perceived my work, not on how my work really represents itself.

If solipcism suggests a sort of egotism from the mind, allowing that a person sees life from a limited point of view of the ego, then such words as this should also be presented surely under this category:

"(Also send him your Red Room photo---Ol' Stephen is reputed to have a soft spot in his heart for comely young ladies.)"

"Hey, all I expect from you for this advice, is that you mention me and my novels from the podium when you receive your Nobel Prize. Hopefully, it'll help my book sales posthumously"

If you read my new book and soon to be added a second book describing my personal experience of the mind and perception of life, you might otherwise understand where I am coming from in my writing. I suggest that you read my work before you make judgements on my writing as a whole.

Your suggestion to things in a sarcastic way, only leads me to think that you have problems in yourself on how other people present their work and their own point of view. This issue is something you will have to deal inside yourself, as for me I have nothing to be concerned about, I am expressing my work how I see fit and enjoying writing about my own perception and understanding.

It is a free world in which to think, express and write about what you think and feel, is it not? You would have to agree from the words of your text.

If you have any more questions or would be interested to talk more about philosophy, I will be happy to humour you in your endeavour to find something to do. I will also be very open to any comment, whether they be criticisms or notes of understanding, and will enjoy to hear all that you have to say about your own philosophy and vision of life.

Good luck with your writing and your book sales into the future...


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Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.


My attempt at humor is just my way of keeping things light. But I do strongly suggest you send your book and video to the theoretical physicists on the 21st century list, particularly Steven Hawking. Whatever their comments, these comments will help your sales by the fact your theory was run by these loftest of thinkers and it warranted their attention.

By the way, how does the "String Theory" fit into your theory. You must see it as more synthesis by the mind?

Believe me, I meant my comment on your video to be praising and respectful.

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String Theory.

String Theory is a method of determining the dimensions of space to which our reality belongs when it comes to matter that we see around us, it is linking to be a theory to determine the basis of the whole of creation, part of the defined theory is linking to my own perceptional view and that is when understanding, ‘a particle with zero mass with two units of spin’.

If my self study of elementary creation theory were to be truly understood it would be seen to be able to encompass all methods of perception whether that be from any scientific, philosophical or religious stream. It does not denote any concept but instead enhances on their ideas and links their theories together as a whole. It cannot really be determined without being philosophical and a perception from my own thoughts, but it can be understood through mathematics especially and given labels that scientists utilize in order to be reasoned.

I am no scientist this is true, however, I aim to look at creation in a more subjective way, without having to harness already perceived notions of creation theory to work from. I know already that there is a linking part of the whole that everyone has missed that will determine the outcome of all theory into the future.

I aim to show that creation has two elements of reasoning, not one, and that when found, all methods of study could hold the test of time, without needing to be revisited or enhanced.

My writing, however, is something entirely different, I work only for the fact that I enjoy it and want to share my own concepts with others, I do not intend or need to have recognition for it, instead if someone finds it interesting than that is good for them and they can utilize my ideas in their own way if they so choose.

I utilize my own wording and labels in which to describe my conceptual theory that can be changed to be understood in any way if it is truly understood for what it is representing. Words are only labels, and theory can be determined by anyone, however it takes a scientist going through university to learn how to talk science, it does not mean that he will be scientifically minded, just taught in all the ways of how it was done before. I have been to university and know how it works there to form society in a sort of postmodernist perceptional way…which is reutilizing forms of understanding in order to create new ones.

My theory stems away from linear thought and tries to look at creation from a creative and conceptual point of view that leads away from viewing outside into creation, but more to finding creation from within and the core from where it first derived.

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Pretty please! (with sugar on it)

Please, Stacey,

Send your book and maybe the video to Steven Hawking. Wouldn't you like to know what he thinks of your theory?

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There is a time and place for everything.

Thankyou for your words of encouragement. I do understand where you are coming from. However I work under a different notion that if someone is wanting to read my information, in time, they will find it themselves. It is not always a good idea to force information on people when they will search it out for themselves if they have any real interest at all.

This does not mean that I do not feel confident in my words, it is just that I do feel that there is a time and place for everything. The words and work that I do should speak for itself and draw in people to look at it if they are interested.

I'm sure you would be curious what he has to say for my work hey? In time maybe he will pick it up himself and look at it, the choice is his. As for any other person's response to my work, it does not matter to me, I do this writing for the love of it, my following book is coming on well also. I am really happy that I have achieved getting it out on paper after so many years.

Anyway as for you Dennis Shay...sugar doesn't help... :).

All the best.

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