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Who are unwanted?

Bacteria, yeast, fungi and all other pathogens are considered as unwanted just because of the fact that contaminate our food, our habitat, our body etc. Numerous drugs are available in the market for the purpose of destroying these pathogens and organisms. We discard the contaminated and waste food. They are all unwanted for us. On the other hand the symbiotic bacteria present in the root nodules of leguminous plants, the cynobacteria are much welcome to us and we take steps to help them grow as they fixes the Nitrogen to nitrides to be used by the plants. Those which are neutral and remain as life forms that neither benefits nor harms us are given least attention. Neither drugs are made to destroy them nor are efforts taken to protect them.  So anything that contaminates our surroundings must be killed, anything that is beneficial to our surrounding must be protected and anything that remains neutral can be ignored.
 Let’s move on to higher organisms-Insects. Here too the same rule prevails-destroy the unwanted, help the wanted and ignore the neutral.


The next category is mammals, amphibians, terrestrials and birds. Here the rule has been forcefully broken .Many wildlife projects and sanctuaries have been started by the Government and NGOs to protect them from becoming extinct. Moreover there is a point to note here. The wild animals kill many people over the world and sometimes elephants cause destruction to land also. On the other hand animals like cows, goats, sheep give us milk, their excretion serves as good manure and the bulls are used to plough the crop fields. Here the unwanted animals like tigers, lions, elephants that can kill people are being offered protection in wildlife sanctuaries and the animals that are beneficial to us like cows, goats are being killed for their meat and flesh for making leather bags and so many other things. So the rule seem to be reversely applicable here. For neutral animals like dogs some prefer to protect them while some ignores them.


Let’s now concentrate on the organism that claims to be the superior of all-Homo-Sapiens or Humans. Humans who have formulated the aforesaid rule seem to divide them into communities and classes to carry on another rule. The rule that changes from class to class, community to community, person to person. How unjust? Isn’t it? Some consider the civil society as the base and anyone that acts against the peace of the society shall face dire consequences according to the laws the Constitutions. Now one strange thing is confusion between who is unwanted to whom. Are the beggars unwanted to us? It must be true as the Government is silent in its actions to improve their threadbare condition. On the other hand Government claims equality of status. Civilians are unwanted to terrorists and terrorist are unwanted to civilians. If we go to higher beings we have to take God into consideration. The earth is his land and we humans are contaminating it in every possible way. We cannot serve as meat of flesh for God as far as our concept about God extends. So the second theory is ruled out. We are contaminating the earth and our size is nearly to pathogens and insects in comparison to the earth. So each one of us should be destroyed so as to protect the earth from being contaminated. But we are the ones discussing the topic. We can formulate theories and rules for our lower beings but we need God to formulate theories for us. When we go philosophical we face confusion. So this also proves that a power is there regulating us, destroying and saving us according to his rule but to us its still a mystification when it comes to humans-Who is Unwanted?