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Excellent Start
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Rae Z. Ryans

Sci-fi is one of my top genres that I love to read, but this was my first YA and urban set. This is also a very soft sci-fi which I always recommend to those not familiar with the genre. It's a phenomenal start to the trilogy, and it really sucked me in. Plus, at just under 300 pages, it's a fairly quick read (for me)and made for a nice lazy weekend read.

Aliens, secret government agencies, sub-species, and 50,000 years of integration collide within Argus' & Tai's first week of High School to bring us a compelling plot, intriguing characters, nasty villains, and conspiracy level cover-up.

This is dual point of view, but the author kept it simple. we see Argus, and he's heroic and loveable. Then there's Max, one of many antagonists within the plot. I didn't not like him, but as a bad guy, his internal drive was relatable. I loved this aspect. So many villains are cut and dry, but Max wasn't.

There are more villains, however, I won't go into more detail aside from I felt every character was well written and executed.

This is book one of the trilogy, so you are left with a slight cliffhanger at the end. There isn't much closure, but you really get a sense of the world, and all of the characters involved. I don't mind them, but I know readers that do. For me, it does the job, and makes me want book 2.

Writing style was easy going without superfluous details or boring back story. The pacing was pretty dead on too, which is a must for the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Overall I loved it, would recommend it to lovers of the genre or anyone looking to start reading sci-fi. Age wise, 14 and up even though the characters are 17. There are a few brief minor curse words (2-3 times) and the romance is mainly friendship/family.

Two Brothers: Origin