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What is pulp fiction?

I'm so excited to have my first attempt at a pulp fiction piece published (under my 'other' name). It's a science fiction short story, Star Gun for Hire, which I have written before, but I didn't even really know what pulp fiction was. So, I did a little research. The term actually comes from the printing of cheap comics or novels on inexpensive 'pulp' paper. While the paper quality was poor, the covers were usually amazing, and generally showed beautiful women in trouble or getting rescued by the handsome and strong male hero. These stories have larger-then-life heroes, beautiful women, exotic locations, menancing villains and a gritty, hard texture to them.

My short story, being science fiction, takes place on another planet, but follows the basic rules. Strong male hero, beautiful woman. The publisher told me to ramp up the tension even more in the next episode, so this should be fun!

You can check it out at: http://staradventurer.com/?p=106