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Using Smashwords to Smash My Words

Well, I finally did it. I uploaded a short story to Smashwords. I've been toying with the idea for a long time, but wasn't sure if I should take the plunge and put a story on there or not. I'd love to know how many authors in Red Room use Smashwords and if they've had success or if he experience is fun or not. I think it seems like a fabulous way to let readers get something for free or very little money. Writing should be accessible to the masses, so what's wrong with charging a nominal fee so everyone can afford to enjoy a story or two? I love writing so much, and hope my writing is good enough or entertaining enough to make it worth 99 cents. If anyone decides to read The Indisputable Legend of Thomas Parr: The Secret & The King, please let me know if you like it. I wrote the story because I was fascinated by the real Thomas Parr. He was, as legend has it, a 152 year old English gent in the 1500s who, supposedly, had the 'manly parts' of a much younger man, got married for the first time at the age of 80, was brought to London by the king and later buried in Westminster Abbey in what is now Poet's Corner. The reverence shown to him by the king of England got my interest, so I thought about what Thomas would have been like. The story I wrote is bawdy and humorous and I'd like to think I've captured the real Thomas Parr as he might have been.