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The Secrets of Freemasons

I think the craft of Freemasonry was far more popular years ago, but the brotherhood is still around and going well these days, although not everyone knows what it is. It seems to have faded from the limelight over the years. Most people I've met seem to think of it as an all-boys club where they sit around talking about nonsense, maybe as an excuse to get away from the women folk for a while at their 'lodge'. Well, things they are a'changing. Yes, Freemasonry is still basically all-male, at least according to the United Grand Lodge of England, the umbrella order of most Masonic orders. But, there are also women's Masonic orders and 'mixed' Masonic orders that have both men and women that are every bit like the male orders. And, I'm one of those women Masons. I belong to Le Droit Humain. This is the order that was co-founded by the woman, Maria Deraismes, who is the protagonist in my novel. We know the secret passwords and handshakes and all that, and we do not simply practice Masonry for the social aspect, although we are a fraternal organization. Our goal is to perfect ourselves so we are better able to serve humanity. Now, isn't that a lofty goal? We are all imperfect beings, but Masonry, at least for me, helps guide me to a better place in life. We don't sacrifice animals or children or dance naked under the full moon. Masonry is a way of life, one that I follow happily. We believe in equality, freedom and human rights, and charity to all. I'm proud to be a Mason and proud that women broke through the boundaries of the male-dominated restrictions to this incredibly learning tool.