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Needy Naked Cats
The two Sphynx boys, Monty and Hermes

I'm a cat lover.  I admit it. I've always had cats. Sometimes one, sometimes more than one, but for the past few years I've had Sphynx cats (my Sphynxi I call them). Sphynx, for anyone who doesn't know, are the hairless and somewhat rare breed of cats. In actuality, they have a fine coat of fuzz that makes them feel like a chamois cloth or a swatch of soft velvet, but their appearance is hairless. I love these cats because there's no fur to worry about and they are the most loving little creatures I've ever seen. They're also very playful and gregarious. In fact, they're a bit more like dogs because they will follow you around, sit on you and even play fetch. Since they're hairless, they need extra warmth. Since my home doesn't have central heating, I use space heaters and the Sphynxi will always hog the heaters by lounging directly in front of them. Sphynx are needy. There's no way around it. They don't like being alone. That means they will snuggle under the covers at night and, constantly, want to crawl up onto my shoulders or sit in my arms, especially when I'm sitting at the computer trying to write.  While it's hard to write when I'm covered in Sphynx, I really don't mind. They love me and I love those needy little hairless critters! 

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Why are your cats inside

Why are your cats inside out? OUR cats have their fur on the OUTSIDE! :)


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Inside-out cats!

Yes, yes, they do look a little...odd. Hey, I have always had the furry ones too! But, you know what they say (or maybe you don't)-when you go hairless, you never go back :)