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Great 5 star review of my new novel Charity's Heart

A captivating fast-paced romantic historical drama April 27, 2013

By Zoe Murdock

Format:Kindle Edition

In this tale of the awakening of a young woman to her own power, Sofia Diana Gabel takes us to London 1888. The author has done her research and has created an authentic environment which juxtaposes wealth and poverty, love and obligation, obedience and determination. After being sequestered and pampered all her life, Charity Llewellyn's father is about to barter her away as wife to a man whose morals are antagonistic to every value she holds. But Charity is not the kind of young woman to just go along with what she's told. She sneaks out into the night and begins her education in the world where those without money live. It's a dangerous world. She doesn't understand the rules. But she's feisty and determined. She'll find her way, or will she. Her father may think he has control of her, but even by locking her up and hiring a chaperone to watch her every move, he can't squelch her indomitable spirit to live her own life, regardless of the risks. This is a great book to take to the beach or to bed, course you might not get any sleep.