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Feminism isn't a dirty word

I'm a feminist. I don't mind admitting to that, although I have noticed that some people, including my own children, who are girls no less, seem to associate the term 'feminism' with man-hating and narrowmindedness. I don't know how this has come about, especially in this day and age where most people are more 'englightened' than they used to be. My daughters roll their eyes and say 'Mom, you're a feminist' whenever I say something about equality, human rights, women's rights or about women standing as equals in society. I don't get it. I've raised them to understand that women are not weak, dumb or deserving of less in this world than men, but they still don't seem to grasp the concept. I think that's sad. They do agree that women are equal, but it's the term feminist that seems to denote something bad to them. So, here I am, trying to defend the word and the meaning behind it. Maybe it's because they already have the concept of equality ingrained in them that putting a term like feminism on it seems odd and out of place. At least that's what I hope!

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Feminism is a dirty word LOL

Yup, somewhere along the line the word born in the sixties to tout women out from behind secretarial desks and menial jobs got destroyed during the eighties of women in shoulder pads and pumps with way too much power and not enough class.

I have no idea when feminism became a bad word probably when
the term associated with women who assert themselves turned into "B" --and other such derogitory terms.

It could be that young women have just forgotten what it is like to struggle. Forgot the hardships of their ancestors. Today's woman is free and modern and be everything and everyone to work, family, and husband (if you still believe in having one of those). Ironically apathy and lack of history will ultimately by our downfall.

I have no idea when women lost touch with what it truly means to be proud of being a woman. But I do hope it comes back. Personally am proud to be a woman and I know I am fallable. Yes, I can have it all but I prefer to be satisfied with what I got. I thank my mother and grandmaother b/c I know the abuse they suffered at the hands of men and endured to raise healthy happy girls.

Maybe a new term needs to be coined for this generation, one that celebrates womanhood and encompasses all that we are and that we can be.

I have Aurelia Flores, as guest speaker on at my site today who empowers women. I hope you do stop by.