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A Turn of Events

Today started off rather disappointing and frustrating. I was supposed to go to San Francisco tomorrow to meet with some people-the reason isn't important-but roadblock after roadblock came up to prevent me from going-mostly money-related as I'm currently unemployed. I tried everything to no avail. Every turn I went around, I was met with another blockade. While I'm not one to easily give up on anything, I finally realized that for whatever reason, I am not meant to go this weekend. So, with that realization, I suddenly had a thought. Tomorrow is the first bookfair and writer's conference in my town, Ojai, and since I wasn't going to be here tomorrow, I was going to miss out on a local author's event and book signing. Now I can attend and hopefully sell a few books. I also received other good news that made my day, so you see, everything worked out after all. I love it when that happens! Oh, and my middle daughter had been in the hospital for 8 days and was discharged on Monday and today she's feeling so much better and has an appetite again! I feel very thankful today.