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Superior WI
Second wife to first husband. He's the rock that grounds me and keeps me from drifting away into the clouds. He also reminds me to eat, on the occasions that I forget.
Jan 2009

I am a dreamer, a procrastinator, a writer, a wife, a mom, and a friend. 

I am usually distracted by my inner world, which makes taking care of others  somewhat challenging  "Eat?  What do you mean you need to eat?  I'm WRITING." (smile).

I often don't play well with others.

I suck at small talk. 

If I'm not lost in my own inner world, I can be found getting lost in the worlds of others, via novels. 


An obsession with poetry started my love affair with words. Waiting for Anne Rice to write more and faster motivated me to create my own vampire characters.

I have two vampire books completed, the first of which, DeVante's Children by SM Johnson, is available now at www.torquerebooks.com. I wrote 50,000 words of a third vampire book for the 2008 NaNoWriMo novel writer's challenge.

For the November 2007 novel writer's challenge I wrote Assassin Jaxx. Jaxx is a 21 year old girl hired by the Church of America to kill Jesus, but falls in love with him instead.

I'm currently working on a mainstream novel called A Year of Sundays, about how the relationship of an eldest brother and his four younger sisters evolves when he comes out of the closet after their mother dies. A Year of Sundays is my self challenge to write a full novel without explicit sex or offensive language.

Upcoming Works

My first novel, DeVante's Children, is currently available in e-book format from Torquere Press. My 2nd novel, DeVante's Coven, is contracted with Queer Mojo, an imprint of Rebel Satori Press, and is projected to be available in paperback in 2009.

When Roderick abandons new vampire Daniel to the care of his sire, DeVante, Daniel flounders under DeVante's attitude of benevolent neglect. He establishes an after hours party house, which becomes his primary source for blood, and wonders how much autonomy DeVante will actually allow. Yearning for guidance and supervision, Daniel pursues Reed, a mortal man, and finds himself ensnared in a relationship rich with elements of power and control.

Meanwhile, Roderick has fled to Las Vegas, where he saves the life of a young man named Tony by changing him to vampire. Only something goes wrong, because when Tony wakes up he doesn't act like a fledgling vampire should. And when the sun rises and Roderick sleeps his vampire sleep, Tony walks out into the daylight and goes home, where he accidentally changes his roommate Chloe to vampire. Roderick wakes to find that he now has two brand new fledglings, neither of whom he can control. He panics and does the only thing can think to do; bring them to DeVante. When they arrive back in San Francisco, Roderick is shattered to learn Daniel has a new love.

Vampires, mortals, and Tony, who's something else altogether, are all beholden to DeVante for protection, though each has a special talent. DeVante notices this and begins to suspect that an outside force has brought all these children to him for some nefarious purpose. Before he can put the pieces together, the whole group is snatched and held for ransom. The price? Help a vicious vampire from DeVante's past take over the mortal world. The monster would use their talents against them, but the coven discovers that together they can defeat even the strongest evil.

DeVante, desperately missing his mortal love, searches his heart for the humanity that will make it possible to love and protect them all.

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Torquere Press, Rebel Satori Press/Queer Mojo

Interests & Hobbies

Writing, reading, scrapbooking, fantasizing, daydreaming, travel.