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Simon Wood is a welcome addition to the thriller/suspense genre
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Sabrina Marino
Fresh Fiction

Josh Michaels has a bad day that progresses into a nightmare. He's run off a bridge and left to die in the Sacramento River. He knows it wasn't an accident, but the police can find no evidence to prove otherwise.

Not having any proof to back up his claims, Josh tries to figure out who wants him dead. He soon discovers he's number one on more than one person's agenda. When someone from his past shows up, Josh puts the blame on them. However, when additional accidents occur that take innocent victims' lives, Josh realizes they've died because of him. And he doesn't know if he'll be lucky enough to survive the next attempt. The danger and public scrutiny take their toll as his family learns of his past transgressions, those he's hidden. Now Josh stands to lose his family, as well as his life.

Events escalate in ACCIDENTS WAITING TO HAPPEN at break- neck speed. The thought that the plot could be a reality in today's world is shocking, to say the least. The suspense builds in each chapter, the plot thickens, and I could not put it down. I had to know who the killer was. Debut author Simon Wood is a welcome addition to the thriller/suspense genre.