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I was seven when I met my other sister.   As a child, it wasn’t uncommon for me to wake up during the night craving something to drink. I usually slept with a glass of water or juice on the nightstand next to my bed. On this particular night, I’d drained my glass and found I still hadn’t quenched...
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Interior Illustration
Here's an excerpt from my latest release, ROAD RASH.  Enjoy.
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I'm very happy to announce that my second novella, ROAD RASH, is out under my pen name, Simon Janus. It's featured in the 4-story anthology BUTCHER SHOP QUARTET 2. In ROAD RASH, Straley might think he's life is cursed, but it doesn't compare to what lie ahead of him on life's highway. He's on the...
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I get asked a lot about the inspirations for my stories and they usually have interesting origins. For my re-issued collection, DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS, the reasons for these stories vary greatly in meaning. Several pieces were born out of curiosity, while others have dark personal meanings and don't...
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Accidents Waiting to Happen
Take a look at this New York Times article below. Wall Street is basically doing what I wrote about in Accidents Waiting to Happen a few year back.  I hope I didn't give anyone any ideas. Wall Street Pursues Profit in Bundles of Life Insurance
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My wife said we should go to Hotel Mac for dinner.  Now, I've heard of Hotel Mac, but I couldn't tell you what the place looks like, even though I've been there and eaten there. "Have we really eaten there before?" I asked. "Yes.  You said you liked it." "I did?" She...
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For every seventeen-year-old male in the UK, the number one purchase is a car.  It’s a rite of passage--the first step towards adulthood and independence. I was in engineering college when I turned seventeen.  My birthday occurred late in the school year and several of my friends had already turned...
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Certain people, events and occurrences stick with me and no matter what I do, I can’t forget about them. The death of three men in Bristol, England is something I’ve never forgotten. They died a few months apart some time in the late eighties. They weren't murdered and it wasn’t accidental. All...
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Paying the Piper
“How could I kidnap a child and get away with it?” This was probably the wrong question to ask an FBI agent right out of the gate. The agent’s expression turned grim and his answer was clipped and a tad aggressive. “You couldn’t. We'd catch you." “Yeah, but,” I said before he interrupted me...
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Accidents Waiting to Happen
A fascination for the odd and the obscure drives my writing.  I’m always on the lookout for strange but real occurrences that would make for a really interesting story.  When I discovered the unusual business world of viatical settlements, lightning struck and I knew I had a novel. So what are...
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 I live with a cold blooded killer.  I haven’t turned him into the cops because he’s my cat, Tegan.  He’s on a roll at the moment.  It’s summer and that means young and inexperienced creatures are poking their heads from their protective homes and Tegan is there to bite them off.  I spent last...
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On occasion, conversations will start like this in our house. "Julie, will this kill me?" "No, that's a daddy longlegs." "What about this?" "That's a twig, Simon." The problem is that there aren't any dangerous animals in England. Obviously, there's the...
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With apologies to Mr. Poe: Once upon a midnight dreary, while kitten asleep and dachshund weary,While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my cat flap door."'Tis some visitor," I muttered, "tapping at my cat flap door-Only...
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My wife and I are long term fans of the show, Heroes. If you've not seen it, it's about the belief that people with special powers exist all over the world and in a time of trouble, these people will form together to rise up against a devastating evil. These are just ordinary people who exhibit the...
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I've been sitting on this news for a little while I waited for ink to dry. Well, it has now and I'm happy to announce that Dorchester Publishing will be publishing my new thriller, DISGRUNTLED. It will be out next April in paperback. Also my first short story collection, DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS, is...
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