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Buying a piece of paradise?

We grew up being taught that the Hindus were a harsh lot, some of their more staunch factions believed in appeasing their gods, especially Kali Mata by sacrificing innocent people including women and children. Black magic practitioners even in today’s world are reported to kill humans to achieve more power and knowledge of the occult. The Dark Ages witnessed the Church in Europe burning innocent women on charges of witchcraft. The common factor in all these examples is that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against humanity were driven by a frenzy of a self-proclaimed sanctimonious responsibility of taking extreme measures to strike a sacred balance where the supreme being worshipped in their paradigm of religion would be exonerated, exalted and appeased by killing another human who in their eyes is judged to be a sinner and in return would endow blessings upon these vanward archers and flag-bearers of faith both here and in the afterlife. These perpetrators also enjoyed support of the masses grounded in the fear that they were able to instill in the heart of the common man. Another common aspect among these examples is the extreme disempowerment of the victims who were caught unaware and were dispensed with ‘justice’ in the shape of their death on charges of blaspheming or simply fitting the description of a sacrificial animal. No one could come to their aid since the helpers would also be considered to be in league with the sin and might be sacrificed as well. Wow what a mind job!

Gradually humanity learned that killing people in the name of dispensing justice or appeasing gods does not help and does not guarantee paradise. Modern Hindus for example react strongly against the balli; the Church has come a long way in throwing out the wolves in guise of lambs and the black magic practitioners are scorned and rejected in today’s society.

But hey what happened…an eleven year old mentally under-developed girl-child is being held by ferocious clerics on account of blaspheming through an act of putting sacred script to fire in today’s modern capital of our country?!?!?! The child is behind bars, cannot be approached, bailed or even consoled for punishment of a sin she has not even the foggiest idea about. She is illiterate and obviously cannot make alif from bay let alone identify script written in a foreign tongue. She was witnessed by a nearby shopkeeper and alleged of blaspheming. The police booked her and perhaps saved her from being burnt alive on the spot.

Ok what do we have here? Ferocious clerics who instill fear in the heart of the common man. No one can and no one has come to the aid of the hapless child for the fear of being themselves blamed of blasphemy. Unless the child is killed the hearts of the righteous shall not rest. The vanguard practitioners of faith will receive blessings of the most Supreme Being with a 7 star reception and stay in paradise accompanied with the most coveted perks of women and all.. rings a bell? Are we in the balli mode or the witch-hunting or the black magic mode? How can someone who do not understand what they are doing do it or not do it and be held responsible for it? How does someone revere or not demean someone or something that they do not know or understand? Why the modern faithful have not learned from the mistakes of the Dark Ages even after hundreds of years, why the same mistakes are being repeated? Why there is no lesson learnt from something that was heinous and unpardonable? Why does the most Supreme Being need people to be killed to be recognized as the Supreme Being? How do the faithful expect to attract the non-believers to their faith…through terrorizing the hearts of non-believers?

To be quite honest and pragmatic, very very few outside of a religious paradigm view the religion (the dogma!) without drawing impression from the behavior and lives of the followers of that religion. If we solemnly stand with our arms folded on our chests and declare in all piety at the site of a suicide attack where bodies and limbs of the innocent had been shattered moments ago, that ‘no Muslim can shed the blood of another Muslim therefore this act of terrorism must be the act of a non-Muslim’, while at the same time the media is blaring with a fanatic religious organization’s claims of having orchestrated the attack, the solemn proclamation gives out two very harsh messages to the non-Muslims: 1. When someone who has committed suicide and in the same go murdered many others, publicly claims that he has done so to uphold Islam and claims to be the purest of Muslims, how can someone else blame non-Muslims for the heinous act? And 2. If no Muslim can kill another Muslim then this can mean that Muslims can easily kill non-Muslims and it will be very kosher to do so! Such ‘practice’ is what non-Muslims see as the picture of Islam and not the dogma that is written in the scriptures. No? What about the image of Christianity that the Muslim world carries looking at the western culture..is that based on the Christian dogma or the western practice?

The question is ..when will ‘they’ wake up and who will wake ‘them’ up and understand to not hunt the innocent to buy a piece of paradise? Or was it an attempt to ‘buy-out’ a 3 marla piece of land of a non-Muslim?