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A child's question

She asked me ‘why was I molested as a child? Why does God let that happen?’‘

I don’t know to be quite honest’ I said, ‘but I think God never wants anything bad to happen to His children’.

‘Nonsense!’ she retorted in tears. ‘My pain is deep and gnaws at me like a malignancy of my soul. God never stopped the monsters who did not spare an innocent child who was too scared to say anything and when she did try she was beaten up by her mother for being rude and mature!’

Her tears left me numb. I fell silent and fell into the depths of my own soul. I asked God why?

Then I heard from within…Before we all were born we were with God who took loving care of us. He never lets anything happen to us. In this world God made mothers and fathers to look after us. He entrusts his children to humans who invite the babies in their lives. It is the responsibility of these parents then to protect their children. And if they don't it is not God's fault it is the fault and unpardonable crime and sin of the parents who did not care and who did not think that their child is their responsibility just as it was God's sacred responsibility before the child was born...God looked after the child's soul in a pure and sweet way for millions of centuries and then He gives his precious babies for us to handle. But look what we do to them… we leave them to the people who are ruled by wickedness to be molested and feel guilty about themselves forever. Wrong. It is the collective wrong of the parents in the first instance and then the wrong of the molester and never the wrong of the child...NEVER!