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 Does anyone know how many websites there are out there? Just wondering.

 My feeling is that there are as many websites as people, and that the unit of measurement applied to the internet is not valid at all. Number of hits, popularity -- what does it matter?

 For sure, at the end of the day I think it all comes down to ONE person clicking on ONE thing that affects them. An answer to a question, a new love, finding old friends, bargain shopping, researching flea treatments for your cat, and it JUST goes on and on.

So why then, why do we continue as artists to define ourselves in such a quantitative manner?

 Just one, just one 'hit' one visit, one day, one moment, one smile, one tear, one laugh, one snore ........ and it just goes on.



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You're right...

You're right unfortunately we never learn...that it doesn't matter so much.