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impromptu on Friday May 16, 2008, from siaviz.com
eclipse from feb 08

I'm different, indeed -- here's the difference, when I check in, I will give myself a window of 10 to 15 minutes to do the entry, no more -- and I will only check in when I feel some kind of pull, or urge, or something or other that I can't quite explain.

My name is Sia, last year I launched a signal on-line as "siaviz.com" -- a digital artist, and now, beyond my control, this lovely site has me writing, even though technically, I'm really not a "writer" certainly not an "author" --!

However, a dear dear friend IS a published author - and as an artist with almost 20 years of experience in Canadian Television -- I fall to my knees and am in awe of what she goes through as an Author -- the process of writing a book and having it published and all the spirals from there JUST BLOW MY MIND. I am humbled.

...and so I begin with "blog entry number 2" -- please see me as a bit of a visual artist, I guess, with whims of words thrown in here and there -- for example, this entry was prompted by this:

Just spent the last couple of minutes with the song "You Haven't Done Nothing" by Stevie Wonder blaring through my head, and as that happened I THOUGHT, just thought about these waves:

About how we need healing energy in our leaders and nothing less, and how each and every world leader should be elected based on such and nothing less -- in a wave where respect for love wins, finally, over the dollar.

Like a child in a room, in a beautiful cloud of thought simplicity, I thought about how, for world peace, that RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW AND RIGHT NOW, could not all weapons be put down? with anger these thoughts, and I thought that if there was a way for that dream to become possible, really, the only way is to assume the rightful position of our mother nature, with the matriarch leading the way. 

Of course in my head there were names, and vows of support. But in the world of simple communication, in the world of artist, we pay respect, and we do create a "between the lines" --

In a new thought, a much more obliviously uplifting thought: on July 30, 2007, last year, it was a blue moon, I posted an idea, in sync with the launch of siaviz.com: A "Write-A-Thon" -- a gathering of all writers, authors, bloggers, songwriters, journalists, students, whatever ... we all write on the same day, at the same time, about

2 topics:

1. how we treat each other

2. how we treat our planet

next day, we all post under the heading: "write-a-thon"

a simple idea for a simple dreamer ...  a "Think-A-Thon" -- crossing all time zones over a 12 hour window ...

have a fantastic day, my fifteen minutes are up, sending love, a modest artist, a visual one, with whims of words


* please note: my website address and photography credit are one - just in case, I'm not a self-promoter really, photos are photos, they speak for themselves - siaviz is also an on-line persona on youtube - evolving, and of course, once a tv producer, always a tv producer, once an artist, always an artist, simple - the same set of fingers on the camera as the keyboard ... one eye, one me. Thank you for having me in the redroom, lovely site.