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Shirley Susanto's Writings

Short Story
I'm Not Perfect till you away
Reach Back The L.O.V.E
MAYBE YOU WERE RIGHT               I drive Myself to get closer into Your world Hun. I don't bring the fire into this relation, I came here with peace and humble. I'm tired standing here without any attention from Your side and no one sees Me. Like covered with the cloud, no smile or cheerish act nowdays. I'm here without any L.O.V.E from Your side Dear...
Short Story
Waiting Your Mercy
          When tomorrow comes, did u still here stand by me as a shoulder to cry on Love???. This question minggeling always nowdays. Why, cause yesterday u already hushing me Love. The heart is widely open for u and suddenly without any reason u said "why u soo eager in my news". "why u still here and not leave me alone". Oh man, doesn't u...