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FORUM of THE WEEK #2: Marriage


FORUM of THE WEEK #2: Marriage

     Dear friends inside and outside tblog, after the poems and the short stories, I'll be glad to introduce to you a new FORUM of THE WEEK!

     We may discuss and talk about anything, anyone can join here to comment or reply to other people's comments!

     I'll start tonight with an interesting topic of the weekend: MARRIAGE


     In my country, marriage is 'a must' for ladies (almost in all native races and social backgrounds). A 'lonely' girl who has no boyfriends of fiance will considered 'old virgin', the same as the working singles and also career women ...

     In villages, when a girl had reached the age of 15 or more, the family usually tried to get their daughter a decent husband (Read: rich, wealthy and of a higher standard). Maybe you have heard the term 'matchmaking'. It's just almost similar to that, even without love.

    In the bigger cities, the working singles face the same problem. Most of their everyday mates ask, "When will you get married? Why took you so long? What are you waiting for?"

     This is the BIG question: "SHOULD A WOMAN GET MARRIED?" and why?

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