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San Diego
Oct 2008

Mom . Just trying to make it.

I write because I am breathing.


My influences come a lot from Fan FIction. It is how I started to create in earnest and it helped with character developement. It helped me think of how I would write a character and how they would communicate with others. Creating Charactes and believable dialogues are what sets my writing apart.

Upcoming Works

oh gods... I would have to sit here and write a whole novel of upcoming works.

Don't ask, Don't tell (in pre production)
Virtual Reality (Being re worked and re-edited)
Christiana (on it's last few chapters)
Agent Jordan (Being Re-edited begining of a YA series)

I have not put pen to paper on these yet... but here goes:
Children Praise- Christian compilation
"Eve"-Christian Lit
"Genesis"-Christian Lit
"On The Air"- general fic
"Editor in CHief" -General Fic my pic for NaNoWriMo
"America the Beautiful"-General Fic
"U-G-L-Y" - Dude I have no alaby this is a YA fic
"Dream Dictionary Series"- YA series


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Writing, tennis, Playing Rock Band, and sing star