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“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” –Roger Crawford It is easy to assume that great writers of the past such as Jane Austen and Charles Dickens as well as famous writers of today such as Stephen King and J.K. Rowling never had to face any obstacle in regards to...
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On Tuesday, November 6th, the polls will open and as American citizens it is our right and duty to cast our ballot for the person who we feel will best fulfill the role as president.  Now is point of inflection, a time of change and a moment of choice. But how do you make this important...
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scary house
Halloween.  It’s the time of creepy monsters, ghosts, and goblins.  It is also the time when theaters feature the newest horror films and television replays the classic ones.  Thrillers allow us to experience what happens when the unimaginable mingles with the mundane.  And...
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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” –Marcus Tullius Cicero Recently, I was trying to organize my little boy’s books, which were so tightly crammed onto the shelves that grabbing one became a dangerous game of dominoes.  After pulling each one out, I sat surrounded by the...
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Audrey Hepburn
Do you remember what article of clothing you coveted in middle school?  Did you long for bellbottoms, Guess Jeans, or a cool pair of Doc Martins?  No matter when the decade, there is always an “it” piece or fad that defines a period of time.  But trends aren’t limited to just fashion...
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How I love books.  Let me count the ways.  And let Elizabeth Barrett Browning excuse my cheap poetic pilfering.  I love the smell of a book—the sharp scent of fresh ink pressed against crisp pages.  I love the feel of a book, its weight and clean, shiny cover.  I love to...
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creative writing
“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.” –Sue Monk Kidd We said it when we were children just as we now hear our children say, “tell me a story”.  But what is a story?  Why tell stories?  And most importantly,...
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Do you remember the cassette tape or even, gasp, the 8-track tape?  Because of these tapes and their corresponding players, music could be portable.  We no longer were confined to our record players and consequently our homes when we wanted to listen to music.  Then came the advent...
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Watch out for that Plot Hole! Reading good fiction is like taking a long car trip when the weather is fine.  You experience the thrill of unexpected curves, the sense of freedom in taking the journey and the pleasure of a smooth ride.  The beautiful scenery envelops you, entrances you and...
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My husband and I have affectionately nicknamed our five-year-old son “quiz master”.  Dinner, car rides and quite moments are now his opportunity to ask us a variety of questions, rapid fire and nonstop.  I’d always heard that children enter a phase where every statement is followed by the...
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broccoli and donut
“Does this make me look fat?” How many times have you been cornered into answering this question?  Or how many times have you asked this question?  We are living in a weight-obsessed, body conscious society even though ironically two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese. There...
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Reading List
Children wearing new clothes and carrying bright backpacks stand huddled waiting for the yellow buses that now dot the roads.  A collective sigh can be heard from all the mothers who now have a few hours of quiet.  Yes, school is back.  Sharpened pencils, crammed notebooks and...
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“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” –Henry David Thoreau Tired of the air conditioning and needing fresh air, I recently opened one of my kitchen windows and I heard them.  I sighed.  The sweetness of the familiar summer sound mingled with the...
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Does knowledge of the artist affect the perception of the art?  Have you ever watched the superbly crafted horror film “Rosemary’s Baby”?  Does your enjoyment of the movie change when you learn that the director, Roman Polanski, was arrested for and plead guilty to statutory rape? ...
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I loved E.B. White’s, “Charlotte’s Web” as a child so I decided recently to rent the movie to share with my four-year-old son.  Unlike today’s action-packed, fast-moving, vibrantly colored 3-D animation, the movie’s colors were muted and grainy and slowly sung songs filled a lot of the scenes...
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