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My Favorite Holiday Receipe

                It was a bad year. It would get worse. Luckily, we didn't know that. So my then nine year old son and I accepted an invitation to a friend's rented condo in Orlando. For a brief time, my small family of two put away the troubles of the past year and played in the sun and sand with our good friends. For our Thanksgiving dinner, instead of cooking, we ordered a turkey with all the trimmings. Then we waited for the food to arrive. And we waited. And we waited some more. The food never came. All of us crowded into that small condo kitchen and made holiday…spaghetti. The group gathered around the table, and we ate our noodles and had a smashing good time. We topped it off with freeze dried ice cream purchased earlier in the week from the gift shop at NASA. We were happy with our makeshift meal, the company of fine companions, and our brief respite from sorrow.