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Whiners and Criers, Please Go to Whimper-Whineland - Suzanne Morris
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Suzanne Morris

 After hearing Peter whine and cry all day about everything and everyone, meaning his little sister, Mom sends Peter to bed early with a warning. Peter must stop whining and crying, or the Whimper-Whineys will take him deep in the forest to Whimper-Whineland. When Peter hears a noise outside and goes to check it out, and old man who looked like he had just finished crying found him. If this sad, old guy is a Whimper-Whiney, Peter will be off to Whimper-Whineland. Do you think Peter will like living in Whimper-Whineland or try to get back home?

The Kalpart illustrators did a wonderful job capturing the look of the whimper-whineys, their home deep in the woods, and Peter's home, which drastically contrasted the whiner's home. Ms. Cannon again writes in rhyme. The words will easily roll off a reader's tongue and sound whimsical to those listening. This is a good book for classrooms in schools and those in homes. There is not a word of preaching or moralizing. Kids will get the message in an easy and fun way, a way which will help them remember the message and apply what they have learned. Ms. Cannon is a retired teacher. All those years of reading stories to her students might have helped be the wonderful writer she is today.