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"Gimme-Jimmy" is a colorfully illustrated rhyming book about a greedy bully boy who never said "please" or "thank you" and consequently had no friends. Jimmy's father was so concerned he finally tells Jimmy his hand will grow bigger every time he says "Gimme!" This leads to a most awkward and astonishing situation for Jimmy, for his hand soon grows so large it is an impediment and a painful burden to him! Lo and behold, there is a way Jimmy can help his hand to shrink. He only has to practice pleasant manners, like saying, "please," "thank you," and being generally polite and courteous to others. Jimmy tries this and sure enough, his hand begins to shrink! Finally it is the same size as his other hand, and wonder of wonders, he has friends to play with again! "Gimme-Jimmy" is a marvelous morality tale that teaches children the value of being kind and courteous to others.