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My Quiet Garden - (In response to a request for a blog about Gardens)
This fun, rhyming book deals with whining & crying and bad manners in a positive way. It helps children hear the annoying sound of whining, & decide not to be a Whimper-Whiney



The drowsy time before I sleep is best:

I seek the quiet garden in my mind

Where love and hope, like flowers intertwined

In fragile beauty, leave my heart refreshed.

My dreams in bright profusion sweetly dressed,

To make a garland of my thoughts, designed

To give me peace and joy; for I can find

The memories of you, like petals pressed.

So I in rosy thoughts draw close to you,

And meditate the wonder of a love

That yields such sweet bouquet of reverie;

Each dream a fragrant bloom of lovely hue,

Each thought a budding prayer to God above

To bless this blooming path you walk with me.