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February 16       THE DEALS I’VE MADE     Because they are deals and not resentments or secrets, these circular schemes did not come out in my fourth step.  They didn’t come out in the wash; they come out whenever they are broken.  If the deal is don’t eat pickled...
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February 15   SHAME   I push shame around my plate like a chunk of spoiled meat, the toxins leaching to every interface and cavity.  With an inverse half-life, the lethal substance grows, reinforcing, sending runners and tendrils to worlds known and those yet undiscovered.  I...
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February 14     TRAVELING PICTURES   I parked next to a beaten little import.  The well of the passenger’s side was filled with empty sport-drink bottles and cans from soda.  The dashboard was a shrine: three taped photographs, one of a young man and young woman, one of the...
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February 13     NIGHT FLIGHT   The small log shape with large wings passed the windshield of my moving car without collision, due to meticulous calculation and correction in a night sky.  Silent passage… swift and meaningful, the owl lives as it knows how.  I was not born...
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February 12     MY TALE   I must be my own tattletale.  I must give my sponsor bullets to shoot down my disease.  Anything I protect and nurture will grow and overtake me.  It is up to me to choose if I will feed my ailment or my health.  My life will be consumed...
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February 11     UNIFIED THEORY   When I build the circuit correctly the light comes on.  When I heal the shards together the bell rings.  If I am meticulous and attentive, if the world is gracious and bares herself to my mind, I will see how everything fits.  I know...
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February 10       FORGIVENESS   “Forgiveness is not something to force on people like unwanted coffee,” says my sponsor. Everyone tells me forgive, forgive, forgive. “These are the same folks who said, ‘stay and have another drink.’  It is only appropriate to forgive people...
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February 9     READY   Ready or not here it comes: life on terms of its own.  Bracing for the onslaught of gravity I grip too well the implements of past days.  Fearing the pressure, I lay in my shallow grave, the ground having been scooped out by hand.  Withering from...
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February 8       ACCIDENT OF BIRTH   We are here together, born the millstones about one another’s necks.  Parentage equates to persuasion and I hold these strangers to my breast.  Minds having chosen, violent turns skew off radar’s blip.  I am held by guilt’s...
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February 7   THE SEAMLESS DOOR     Tongue and groove fit tight; the pickled boards belie the passage.  Hinges buried deep, secreted inside the place with no words, the door remains shut, hidden.  The air, candy sweet, the space, filled with the unbroken stream of surreal...
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February 6     THE THRONG   The more people I meet, the more vehemently I do not believe in God.  The tidal wave of human ignorance hits me and the sheer and repetitive force of it is more than my single souled craft can bear.  Cyclical, coincidental tragedy coupled with...
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February 5       THE FORGOTTEN     "I am not Cleopatra; I am not in denial.  I forgot." “Sure,” says my sponsor, “I’ve seen the headdress.” "That’s not fair!  I’ve heard women say they forget the pain of childbirth." “They’re kidding.  You can’t just forget...
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February 4     HOW LIKE THE MOON   I show the shining, bright face to the world but can not enumerate the dark.  I change and turn for all to see, glowing sliver to full fledged smile.  I inventory all phases, can tell you from wax to wane, but the darkness, the anchor to...
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February 3       AND THIS IS FOR WHAT?     I smiled down on God and said, “This is pretty and what is it for?” “Oh, that’s your life.  It is a surprisingly useful thing to have.”  My Higher Power, like my sponsor, thinks she is funny but she is not. “What am I...
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February 2       THE DIFFERENCE     Falling and flying are the same, save the landing.  No matter what you do in the air, how well or how poorly, in the end, if you don’t land it, it’s a fall and if you do, a flight.  How we begin seems of ultimate importance but...
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