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March 19   WET BLANKET       I have carried this sodden thing with me all my life, its weight a burden for numerous years.  I have never been able to explain my continuing drag of this pitiful thing.  Though it has been commented on by many, my fidelity is boundless....
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March 18     OLD BEARS   Cold and despondent, nothing comforts me like the bear of early sobriety.  Bought on a day I thought I would shake apart, this fuzzy old guy has been a display item for many years now, tucked to the corner with the lace edged pillows and folded shawls....
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March 17     UNNECESSARY WORDS   I’ve spent years trying to put names on the streets in my twelfth step map, post clear signs with monikers easy to remember, themed and progressive.  But I have been wasting my time.  The map is there, no doubt, and I have seen people follow...
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March16       ANGLE OF RETURN   As in a hall of mirrors, it is sometimes hard to tell if I am moving forward in my recovery.  Likewise, as promises are fulfilled, their obtuse arrival is a quandary.  The juxtaposition of acute homecoming of former faculties is also...
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March 15       PRETTY FEET   I look at the line on my heel where I must stay vigilant with the pumice and the moisturizer.  My toes are clean and straight but nothing more.  I see my feet as passable; it’s hard for me to see them as beautiful.  Well cared for is...
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March 14   THE FIRST FATHER     The rest of what I have to say I will slip under your gravestone if I have time after I buy that red dress.  To say I hate you is an overstatement; I only detest what I know of you, the rest I leave to other people who might have the misfortune to...
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March 13     FRIENDS   My sweet, dear, funny friend, steeped in Beat, whose hand I can no longer hold.  I yearn for the wildly flying words, like feathers in a snow.  The shock of hair and glinting eyes I see so clearly in my shivering mind.  I must let go.  I...
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March 12       SPIRITUALITY   The bedpan of spirituality was shoved under my ass in early sobriety.  It kept me from increasing the mess with which I surround myself.  The cold smack of enamel got my attention.  The old timers showed me there is a place for my...
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March 11       THE WALL OF PLEASANT     How quickly I am protected by a sweet smile.  A disarming countenance and a gentle phrase save my skin and psyche.  No longer do I defend my reputation as a wit or critic.  I let it all flow by.  The simpler I...
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March 10       VOLUNTARY MUTE   I have learned I don’t have to answer just because someone asks.  I have learned to change subjects.  I have learned it is better to say nothing.  Repeating the phrase, ‘it’s just my opinion,’ followed with, ‘I could be wrong,’ has...
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March 9       PICTURES AND FRAMES     I paint my way into the corners of the frame.  Each picture I fill diligently, color, texture, all the tricks I use.  I work hard to get the desired effect.  I hold nothing back; I put heart and hopes forward.  I...
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March 8       YOU ARE ALLOWED TO CLOSE WINDOWS OR KEEP THEM OPEN   Not every open window offers a warm and welcome breeze.  There are windows, which greet with artic blast and little else.  Frosted cheeks and chapped lips, I face these frigid openings believing it is...
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March 7     MUD PIES   Mud pies and retro-childhood are for the hurt ones, small and angry inside me.  They require care and special attention, but I can’t stop with them.  Saving the children to starve the adolescents is a sad fate, and abandoning adults after bringing...
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March 6       MOAT   I dug the moat; the alligators came on their own.  The rain fell; I did not bid it.  I’ve burned all the bridges.  I’ve sold the farm.  I wonder at the company I keep.  The birds fly in; some stay for a season.  Friends used to...
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March 5     AND I BELIEVE YOU   “This will be easy,” says my sponsor. “Oh, yes.  Simplicity itself.  I’m sure,” I respond.  “I’ve participated in these plans before.” “We get good results,” she retorts. “I love how you pick goals, which are intellectual straight lines...
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