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November 20     The Story as a Stowaway   I want to tell you a story, but I want to tell it to you quickly, so I can give it to you and then you can carry it on your way.  For what good is my story to you if you must leave it where it lay?  Your need to be elsewhere presses...
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November 19     Human Sacrifice   How much does it have to cost me in order for you to feel better?  Why is it that my suffering improves your mood?  Does it confirm for you that you are not alone when you are feeling scared?  Or does it give you the sense that at...
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November 18     Who is the Parent?   There are more liars in my head than anywhere else and they will say the most errant nonsense, making it sound totally convincing.  First of all they use other people’s inventories to leverage me into believing that I am just what is needed...
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November 17     Induction   I have a massive energy transformer that lives inside me.  It is explosive in nature and risky to toy with.  But if used properly I can power my whole world with the current which flows through it to me from my Higher Power.  If I use it...
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November 16     Surfs Up   The first time I arrive at the beach the tide is a shock to me.  I had no way to anticipate it.  As the days pass I calm, realizing there is a rhythm and that the sea won’t escape the shore.  Over time I begin to anticipate the movement and...
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November 15     When I’m Gone   When I’m gone I hope they’ll say I tried real hard and did my best But more likely will be the lament; she didn’t live up to her potential.   When I’m gone I pray the song will be one of tinkling bells and uplifted voices But more likely is a...
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November 14     Clean Underwear   The ease of the trip is often determined by the quality of the packing.  When I am entirely ready travel is easier.  I wash the laundry early to give myself a head start.  Lay everything out and walk through each day’s needs; roll up...
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November 13     Wrong as wrong as wrong can be   To be wrong in my family and in my past meant to be tortured and I prefer death to torture, so being wrong meant death or longing for death.  I tried never to be wrong as a way to stave of the desire to leap from tall buildings; I...
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November 12     Olive Juice   For whatever the reason olives are often pitted and once they are pit-less there seems to rise an irresistible urge to fill that wound, whether with pimento or children’s cubby little fingers as they fish them from the can.  There is an opening, an...
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November 11     Picture Window   When G-d sticks His face in my window it brightens my day.  What that shining face looks like in other windows I do not know, but I try to memorize the eyes, the brow, the winning smile before my time is up and the wind shifts.  The flash of...
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November 10     Come What May   Inevitable things are very much like inedible things; you can’t quite swallow them yet they are hard to throw up.  It can’t seem to get here quick enough to comfort my fear nor will it pass with any speed once it has arrived.  I am like a boa...
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November 9     Thief in the Night   The moon ran off the night you left.  Instead of west it headed south with you, but I doubt it will stay.  You are learning to play a new part, another ill-suited role which I don’t believe you will carry off with much aplomb, though you...
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November 8     Uggs   This is a big hurdle until it becomes a little step.  I will struggle with it as long as it takes for me to see it as something I can conquer a bit at a time, then, often as if by magic, it will melt into curbside snow and I can slosh through it in my boots...
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November 7     Let the Groundhog Sing It   Mistakes and poor choices save me from attempting to climb out onto moral high ground.  Moral ambiguity keeps me protected from the illusion of relentless righteousness.  Lopsided living is a fate I am spared due to my flawed...
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November 6     Natural Law   The boat captain can’t change the river; navigate it possibly, but rule it never.  Birds don’t control the wind, only capitalize on it.  I can’t reign my sobriety; I just get to take the ride.  My choices greatly affect the quality of this...
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