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Yield Don't Stop


May 6



Yield Don’t Stop



If I let amazement stop my progress I will become landlocked instead of becoming free.  Picture wagon wheels planted in Kansas when the destination had been California.  Yes, the plains are great, but if that was not my aim it is a far cry from heaven.  Arriving at any haven is tempting; when it crosses to captivating then to captivation, here is where the problem lay.  Steps six and seven changed me and this is good.  If I allow this to halt me this is disaster.  If the wheels fall off the wagon I walk.  If I grow too tired to walk I pant with my friends and we carry each other, we don’t stop.





Pickle the pretty fruit from your labors







If all the world is a narrow bridge,

I must broaden my mind.

If all the doors are closed to the passage of a hallway,

I must exit through the window.


Never again can I stay and shelter

In a small and confining refuge

A womb is a place to come out

It is never a place of return.


I am not to seek overexposure

But I must ever widen the gate

The brave face I show is the gift of a tight world

Owning me for far too long.


Fear is never meant to be larger than life

And the world should never collapse

Around the sweetness of a smile


Today carries us.

Tomorrow draws us.

The world is a bridge.