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Yes, That Too


September 11






When kindness becomes a weakness, when mental agility becomes emotional instability, it’s time to reassess everything.  I cannot leave any thing off my inventory because my grandma, or society or the preacher says it’s a good thing to be.  Every blessing can be a curse; all my characteristics have their dark side.  I have to list the entirety of my cargo and keep a watchful eye.  I have to moderate my investment in all my abilities or I could lose myself.  Warmth is nice but I don’t want Death Valley.  Integrity requires balance or depraved indifference will be the outcome.  Weak and strong, right and wrong, it all goes on the scale.



Be generous with yourself, then others.








Consolidating fuzz into yarn

makes me a friend to sheep everywhere.

Spinning the filaments of truth into cables of life

does not impress the mutton in anyway,

but sure does my mental health a world of good.


Free floating fiber is bad for my lungs

and piles lint all around.

Giving things a firm twist

pulls together what used to be fluff

and keeps me warm and dry.