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Would You Rather a Lamp?
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April 29





Would You Rather a Lamp?


I am a girl filled with expectations.  Like a ginger jar filled, stuffed caulker block full, though the filling is the part which is unpredictable; it could be match books, or seashells, acorns or all those pretty capsules.  This makes me erratic and sometimes volatile.  Are you strong enough or far too sane to stay and help me sort the contents?  It’s lonely work without a witness or a spotter.  I rather be alone than with you reluctantly, so please try to shuck that husk and remain.  Yes, I am sometimes capricious, but I try never to be cruel.  I know sometimes you convince yourself that leaving me to my own devices is the wisest of courses, but don’t be fooled; you disappear due to your weakness not strength and the worst part about the price of abandonment is that everyone has to pay it.






Design a window that looks out on your dreams









The starling stands with the candy wrapper in its beak

The cellophane flexes in the breeze

Here is my life


I have the shiny thing in my possession , What do I do?

Do I give up my intended tasks to attempt dominance

Or control of the shiny thing?


Do I release this thing of intrigue and beauty

I am drawn to the shimerance and sparkle

But shutter at the price


The world is filled with shiny things

I can enjoy them

But need to leave them where they lay.